30 May 2008

Now Print Your Posts

Here's something new to make a blog more interesting.

The weblog called Blogger Buster has posted instructions on how to print out individual posts. I've been looking for something like this, and this is a step in the right direction.

It only works on individual posts, but it does a nice job of printing the post in question.

Not that there are that many people interested in doing this, but I like having it around anyway.

Also, it only works with blogger, I don't know if I can find something similar to this for my Wordpress blog or not.

Print this post


  1. There are a couple of WP plugins for this feature. Basically they omit the sidebar(s) and make the post text span the page width. One is called WP-Print at lesterchan.net/wordpress/readme/wp-print.html. I wrote a post spelling out more customization for the Blogger feature if anyone is interested --- takes account of template differences. I'd appreciate feedback.
    It's called "How to Create a Print This Post Button on Blogger ."