24 April 2013

Follow me–Suivez moi

A friend posted this article from Forbes, Leadership 310: The Four Principles of 'Followership'. I am reposting the main points with a few comments of my own.

The four key attributes to strong followership


1) Trust: In everyday behavior, followership requires that the leader provides evidence that they can be trusted.   Do you do what you say?  Do you answer questions honestly?  Are you transparent and share with the team your challenges, obstacles, and needs to achieve your larger goals?

2) Stability: Leaders with strong followership remain calm in the face of panic and give a sense of confidence to those around them.

3) Compassion: Strong followership leaders have unrelenting passion for people and show empathy when those folks are enduring hard times.

4) Hope: Followership requires that the leader has unwavering belief that their product/service will not only succeed, but will change lives.

Many times people are placed in leadership roles and inherently believe that their teams will follow them due to the title on their business card and not the substance of their character. Leadership is as much about being the person that people want to follow as it‘s about knowing where the team is headed.

I think the biblical corollaries are obvious. But which ones spring to mind for you? And more importantly:

Why would anyone want to follow you?

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