27 April 2008

Trinity Sunday

I am putting a sermon together for Trinity Sunday. I plan to use the theme of missio Dei, that we part of God's mission, not that God is part of ours. He has been in the business of missions a lot longer than we have. I would like to do this by getting people to refocus on what it means when we say "We are being sent."

Flow-ChartI also want to get people to understand the role of each person of the trinity in the process of missio Dei. All this in 20 minutes?

Anyway, I've redesigned Brian McLaren's diagram in Generous Orthodoxy, from the chapter entitled, Why I am Missional (p107).

I'm posting it here because I'd like some feedback on it. I'm not trying to rip off Mr. McLaren, but I do like his take on the subject of evangelism. We do tend to get a bit self-centered and often look at salvation as simply getting our ticket to heaven validated and now we are waiting for the bus.

But the way, the person in the "me" category is a world famous missional consultant in France. I reworked his picture to protect the innocent who might pass by this blog.

I also came across this Missionary Triad, but I haven't had the time to work through it all, but I'll throw it into the mix anyway.


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